Rethinking Capitalism (ReCap) Webinar Series

A Capitalism for the People

by Luigi Zingales (University of Chicago Booth)

Friday 14 March 2022, 5pm (CET) - Online (ZOOM) from the University of Milano-Bicocca

Webinar Description

In spite of its successes, capitalism is losing the hearts and minds of the new generation of Americans. It is
losing them not because there is a better alternative, but because of the disappointment the current system has
created. This disappointment is real. In the XXI century capitalism in the West has not produced a lot of wealth,
but a lot of inequality. To produce capitalism for the people, we need to focus on promoting competition over
protection of property rights.

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Friday 14 March 2022, 5pm (CET)


ZOOM streaming from the
University of Milano-Bicocca

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Luigi Zinglaes (University of Chicago Booth)

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