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one Paper in one Page (oPoP)

oPoP 2022

Alessandra Faggian, Alessandra Michelangeli, and Kateryna Tkach WP489: Inequality in Europe: Reality, Perceptions, and Hopes View
Simone Boccaletti and Vittoria Cerasi WP483: Liquidation value of productive assets and product differentiation View

oPoP 2021

Maria Rosa Battaggion, Vittoria Cerasi, and Gülen Karakoç WP480: The Value of Interlocking Directorates in Vertical Contracting View
Donatella Baiardi and Maria-Gaia Soana WP478: Macroeconomic and microeconomic environmental and energy policies: Are they effective for improving the environmental performance of listed companies? View
Donatella Baiardi WP477: What do you think about climate change? View
Giorgia Casalone, Alessandra Michelangeli, John Östh and Umut Türk WP473: The effect of lockdown on students’ performance: A comparative study between Sweden, Italy, and Turkey View
Vittoria Cerasi and Paola Galfrascoli WP472: Bail-in and bank funding costs View
Claudio Morana WP467: A new macro‐financial condition index for the euro area View

oPoP 2020

Tommaso Oliviero WP450: The COVID-19 Shock and Equity Shortfall: Firm-level Evidence from Italy View
Pietro Battiston Simona Gamba WP438: COVID-19: R0 is lower where outbreak is larger View
Donatella Baiardi and Claudio Morana WP426: Climate change awareness: Empirical evidence for the European Union View
Donatella Baiardi WP425: Do sustainable energy policies matter for reducing greenhouse gas emissions? View
Alexander Glas and Matthias Hartmann WP247: Uncertainty measures from partially rounded probabilistic forecast surveys View

oPoP 2019

Silvia Marchesi and Tania Masi WP437: Life after default: Private vs. official sovereign debt restructurings View
Nuno Cassola, Christoffer Kok and Francesco Paolo Mongelli WP424: The ECB after the crisis: existing synergies among monetary policy, macroprudential policies and banking supervision View
Silvia Marchesi and Tania Masi WP423: Sovereign risk after sovereign restructuring. Private and official default View
Giulio Mellinato WP421: “Constructuring” the First Maritime Globalization.
Competing Shipping Subsidies and the Race for the Commercial Spaces 1881-1914.
Matteo Gatti and Tommaso Oliviero WP419: Deposit Insurance and Banks' Deposit Rates: Evidence from the 2009 EU Policy View
Mariapia Mendola WP393: The market for migrants and border control between Africa and Europe View
Claudio Morana and Giacomo Sbrana WP377: Climate change implications for the catastrophe bonds market: An empirical analysis View
Silvia Marchesi Donors don’t like budget aid but they should! View