Corrado Macchiarelli is a Senior Fellow of the CefES-Center of European Studies at Milano Bicocca. He is currently a Principal Economist at the UK National Institute of Economic and Social Research and a Senior Lecturer (Assoc. Professor) in Economics and Finance at Brunel University London, UK. He is also a part-time Lecturer in Economics on the B.Sc. in International Political Economy and Global Business at New York University in London, and a Visiting Fellow in European Political Economy at the London School of Economics (LSE), UK, where he was previously a Postdoc. During Spring/Summer 2019, he was a Visiting Scholar in Economics at Harvard University’s Centre for European Studies. During the past five years, Macchiarelli has been working as part of an LSE-based team of experts for the European Parliament in the context of the Parliament’s Monetary Policy Dialogue with the European Central Bank (ECB). Previously, he was an Economist in the ECB’s Euro Area Macro Division, working chiefly in the ECB’s Working Group of Forecast on Potential Output.