[MF] Automation and AI in the Global Economy
Research Team
  • Gábor Békés
  • Alessandra Bonfiglioli
  • Rosario Crinò
  • Harald Fadinger
  • Gino Gancia
  • Ioannis Papadakis

The diffusion of technologies such as robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing rapidly the way in which goods and services are produced and delivered. While automotive is still leading the automation race, other industries, including services, have started to make significant strides. Progress has been especially fast for AI, thanks to recent improvements in machine learning techniques and the growing availability of vast amounts of digital data. Automation and AI can have far-reaching consequences. The goal of this project is to use micro data (especially for France, Hungary and the US) to improve our understanding of how these new technologies are adopted and their implications for workers, firms, industries and countries.