[EGC] Focus on the present to discover the Europe of tomorrow
Research Team

The European Union is facing new challenges within itself. The emergence of nationalist and populist movements, the exaltation of sovereignty and the national dimensions are the representation of a common approach that questions the process of integration. The localist and secessionist pressures within some States, the denial of the rule of law and the common heritage of principles connected to it, are the manifestations of the current pathology of the EU institutions. How this peculiar condition can be reconciled with the international configuration of the European legal system? The Jean Monnet project "Supranational Integration and National Identities" coordinated by Prof. Claudio Martinelli (School of Law) lies at the heart of these issues through an interdisciplinary method that combines doctrinal, legal and political analysis alongside the historical approach. An open and inclusive course of study that aims to involve not only law students, but also universities, civil society, journalists, European policy makers, representatives of territorial associations and mass media operators as well as to promote research and first teaching experience for young researchers and scholars and practitioners in European Union issues. An innovative 42-hour teaching module that addresses the aforementioned topics on the basis of a multidisciplinary approach. Lectures and discussions are held by Italian and foreign experts comprising of jurists, comparative lawyers, political, economists, experts in the history of law, representatives of public and private Institutions in order to create a stable university network to pursue this common interest beyond Italian borders. In its first year, despite the limitations due to the Covid-19 emergency, the course was able to achieve its objectives. The lessons were conducted remotely via Webex with the active participation of the teaching-staff members under the coordination of the module leader Dr. Simone Gianello (School of Law) and with a large number of students who have proven themselves very satisfied with the topics. Looking to the future and hoping that in the coming months we can return to the normality, various challenges lie ahead. Above all, improving dissemination through events, such as workshops, round tables and conferences, as well as through research papers and other publications. We firmly believe that the future of the European Union passes through integration. This will be the challenge of the next generations. One more reason to be ready.