[EGC] Demographic Changes and Enriched Society: Promoting Cultural Diversity and Social Inclusion in Higher Education in Italy
Research Team

Major demographic shifts and global changes have contributed to the increasing diversity in the composition of the population of advanced countries and societies. Italy has been relentlessly involved in population aging and demographic decline on the one hand, while on the other hand it has turned from an historical emigration country to a major destination for (especially young) migrants and asylum seekers from neighboring regions. These changes in the demographic composition have significant implications for social integration at the local level, with major challenges posed by hostile attitudes towards immigrants and minority groups, including prejudices, discrimination, and xenophobia. This project investigates the potential role of education programs in shaping attitudes towards immigrants and cultural diversity among youth, with the final goal of designing effective integration policies for inter-group relations and inclusive society. More specifically, we conduct a randomized evaluation of “Migration au délà des prejudges – MADP “ (Migration, beyond prejudice), a program that aims to foster intercultural dialogue and social inclusion through attitude-change activities, which encourage students to break down stereotypes and consider cultural diversity and integration as a value.