[EC] Regulation and policy evaluation in a EU context
Research Team
Jérôme Massiani


This project reviews the role of regulation and evaluation in the EU context. This can be taken from different angles. For instance, it explores how policy evaluation methods are used and how they can be improved. The focus is on quantitative evaluation methods like typically Cost Benefit Analysis.

It also investigates how regulation shapes policies and how evaluation methods can be used to assess realistically the impact of regulations.
Additionally, it explores how regulation can interfere with regulation, for instance, how regulation can create side effects that need to be considered (and usually are not) in evaluation.

Examples of current researches on this topic are:
- a critical examination of the methods proposed in the EU Guidelines for project evaluation.
- a critical examination of the Electric Vehicles CO2 emissions in the regulatory context of regulation 443.
- an investigation on how tax impacts should be considered in Cost benefit Analysis.
- an investigation on the implicite trade offs of policy makers and advisers embedded in multicriteria analysis.