CefES Scientific Committee

Prof. Vittoria Cerasi

Vice Director 2019-2021

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Vittoria Cerasi is a judge at the Italian Corte dei Conti. She is also Professor of banking and finance at the University of Milano-Bicocca.
Her research focuses on the microeconomics of banking, industrial organization, corporate finance and banking regulation.

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Recent Papers

  • Cerasi, V., Deininger, S., Gambacorta, L., & Oliviero, T. (2020). How post-crisis regulation has affected bank CEO compensation. JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL MONEY AND FINANCE, 104. More →
  • Cerasi, V., Fedele, A., & Miniaci, R. (2017). Product Market Competition and Access to Credit. SMALL BUSINESS ECONOMICS, 49(2), 295-318 [10.1007/s11187-017-9838-x]. More →
  • Cerasi, V., & Oliviero, T. (2015). CEO compensation, regulation, and risk in banks: Theory and evidence from the financial crisis. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CENTRAL BANKING, 11(3), 241-297. More →
  • Cerasi, V., & Rochet, J.C. (2014). Rethinking the regulatory treatment of securitization. JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL STABILITY, 10(1), 20-31. More →
  • Cerasi, V., Carletti, E., & Daltung, S. (2007). Multiple-bank lending: Diversification and Free-riding in Monitoring. JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL INTERMEDIATION, 16(3), 425-451 [10.1016/j.jfi.2007.03.001]. More →