oPoP 2021

Maria Rosa Battaggion, Vittoria Cerasi, and Gülen Karakoç WP480: The Value of Interlocking Directorates in Vertical Contracting View
Donatella Baiardi and Maria-Gaia Soana WP478: Macroeconomic and microeconomic environmental and energy policies: Are they effective for improving the environmental performance of listed companies? View
Donatella Baiardi WP477: What do you think about climate change? View
Giorgia Casalone, Alessandra Michelangeli, John Östh and Umut Türk WP473: The effect of lockdown on students’ performance: A comparative study between Sweden, Italy, and Turkey View
Vittoria Cerasi and Paola Galfrascoli WP472: Bail-in and bank funding costs View
Claudio Morana WP467: A new macro‐financial condition index for the euro area View

oPoP 2020

Donatella Baiardi Do sustainable energy policies matter for reducing greenhouse gas emissions? View
Donatella Baiardi and Claudio Morana Climate change awareness: Empirical evidence for the European Union View
Pietro Battiston Simona Gamba COVID-19: R0 is lower where outbreak is larger View
Alexander Glas and Matthias Hartmann Uncertainty measures from partially rounded probabilistic forecast surveys View
Tommaso Oliviero The COVID-19 shock and equity shortfall: Firm-level evidence from Italy View

oPoP 2019

Matteo Gatti and Tommaso Oliviero Deposit Insurance and Banks' Deposit Rates: Evidence from the 2009 EU Policy View
Silvia Marchesi Donors don’t like budget aid but they should! View
Silvia Marchesi and Tania Masi Life after default: Private vs. official sovereign debt restructurings View
Silvia Marchesi and Tania Masi Sovereign risk after sovereign restructuring. Private and official default View
Giulio Mellinato “Constructuring” the First Maritime Globalization.
Competing Shipping Subsidies and the Race for the Commercial Spaces 1881-1914.
Mariapia Mendola The market for migrants and border control between Africa and Europe View
Claudio Morana and Giacomo Sbrana Climate change implications for the catastrophe bonds market: An empirical analysis View
Nuno Cassola, Christoffer Kok and Francesco Paolo Mongelli The ECB after the crisis: existing synergies among monetary policy, macroprudential policies and banking supervision View