Lectures 2020


Joint CeFES, ECOMOD & JRC webinar
David F. Hendry (Nuffield College, University of Oxford) Econometric Modelling of Climate Change with Implications for Climate Policies View

Lectures 2019


1st CefES conference
Reint Gropp (Halle Institute for Economic Research) The Cleansing Effect of Banking Crises View
Philippe Martin (Science Po) International Trade Under Attack: What Strategy for Europe? View
Andrew Moravcsik (Princeton University) The Bark is Worse than the Bite: Why Populist Foreign Policies are Doomed to Disappoint View
Guido Tabellini (Bocconi University) Identity, Beliefs and Political Conflict View


EMCC-IV conference
S. Battiston (University of Zurich, UZH) Climate Risk and Financial Stability in the Network of Banks and Investment Funds View
D. F. Hendry (University of Oxford) Econometrics for Empirical Climate Modeling View
E. Scoccimarro
(Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change - CMCC)
Tropical Cyclones in a Changing Climate View