Center for European Studies

2nd CefES International Conference on


Socio-Political and Economic Divide in Europe and Global Policies


#CefESconf2020: 2nd International Conference


June 15-16, 2020

University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy.
Building U6
Viale Piero e Alberto Pirelli, 22
20126 Milano

Jeffry Frieden (Harvard University)
Barbara Rossi (Pompeu Fabra University)
Fabiano Schivardi (Luiss University)
Catherine De Vries (Amsterdam University)
Stefanie Walter (University of Zurich)
Charles Wyplosz (University of Geneva)
Silvia Merler (Algebris) - Moderator
Stefania Albanesi (University of Pittsburgh)
Lucia Alessi (JRC, European Commission)
Guido Ascari (University of Pavia & Oxford University)
Nauros Campos (University College London)
Alessandra Casarico (Bocconi University)
Italo Colantone (Bocconi University)
Hans Degryse (Leuven University)
Axel Dreher (Heidelberg University)
Giovanni Federico (University of Pisa)
Massimo Filippini (ETH Zurich)
Fabio Franchino (University of Milan)
Nikitas Kostantinidis (IE University)
Tommaso Monacelli (Bocconi University)
Bruno Parigi (University of Padova)
Panu Poutvaara (University of Munich & Ifo)
Tiziano Ropele (Bank of Italy)
Lorenza Rossi (University of Pavia)
Jang-Egbert Sturm (ETH Zurich)
Nuno Cassola (University of Lisbon)
Vittoria Cerasi (University of Milano-Bicocca)
Catherine De Vries (Amsterdam University)
Axel Dreher (University of Heidelberg)
Mario Gilli (University of Milano-Bicocca)
Silvia Marchesi (University of Milano-Bicocca)
Mariapia Mendola (University of Milano-Bicocca)
Claudio Morana (University of Milano-Bicocca)
Bruno Parigi (University of Padova)
Patrizio Tirelli (University of Pavia)
Conference Description

The Center for European Studies (CefES-DEMS) promotes research on Europe. The Conference gathers scholars from different fields in Economics and Social Sciences, with the objective of contributing to the empirical and theoretical debate on Europe. The Conference provides a forum of discussion for scholars interested in the European economic, social and political situation, in the evaluation and design of institutions and policies in and for Europe, with a particular focus on North-South, East-West and Rural-Urban Divide in Europe.

Conference topics are:

  1. Macro, money, banking and finance
  2. European governance
  3. Fragmentation and Polarization
  4. Wellbeing, inequality and discontent
  5. Migration, cooperation and trade
  6. Climate change and energy policies
  • €200 (Senior researchers)
  • €100 (PhD students)
Late Registration
  • €400 (Senior researchers)
  • €200 (PhD students)
Authors of accepted papers are expected to attend the entire conference.
Registration May 1-10, 2020
Late Registration May 11-30, 2020

Conference Program

CefES2020 Call for Papers